21 février 2024
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Paypal 2022 : Africa countries list that do not receive money

Most of Africa’s Paypal accounts are restricted to receive payments

A good number of teleworkers or professionals have serious difficulties in receiving Paypal payments although the service has opened its activity to African countries. Paypal still indicates the Payments received menu. The surprise is that you cannot receive payments with your account because it is a restricted account.

The restrictions of the American online payments company hit the countries of the continent much more. The platform is an alternative to payment by check or credit card. It is used as a means of payment on e-commerce sites and accepts transfers between people. This last means of payment has seen a breakthrough in the world of online work where the majority of African online wordkers find it difficult to be paid by the paypal link.

What you have to know before opening your paypal account in Cameroon, is that your paypal acccount like other african countries will not be able to receive payments or money.

Find here the list of restricted africans countries paypals accounts

Rectricted countries

Although Paypal does not receive payments for most African countries you can read the alternatives for international payments in Africa using telecommunications networks.

Paypal defends itself on its user support forum by maintaining that this position does not depend but rather on the countries concerned. (in french language )

Paypal Response about

Out of fifty four African countries, the online payment service Paypal is present in fourty-eight countries, only eleven (11) countries are authorized to receive and send payments and three countries -Malawi, Egypt and Algeria- can automatically receive, send and transfer (Transfer) PayPal balance to US bank account or credit card on a regular basis.


  • Asatur 6 fĂ©vrier 2024

    Then what are the most used el. wallets in African countries?

  • Dipita Emmanuel 11 aoĂ»t 2023

    Greetings, why can I receive money through my PayPal account while in Cameroon?.

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